BLOG UPDATE: March 2018

Hello Bookworms! Its been awhile since I’ve done one of these, but since I am anticipating being quite swamped as I finish up my final term of Teacher’s College, I felt that I should share some important blog news with everyone!


(Furyborn by Claire Legrand)

March, April, and May are without a doubt going to be a crazy busy month for me – I will be entering my final practicum as a pre-service teacher! Crazy, right? But practicum means a busy schedule of teaching, volunteering, and lesson planning, and in my previous experience, this really does cut into my reading time. And while I may be busy with finishing up my final term of post-secondary, I know I’ll find a way to sneak in some reading – and blogging – time!

Just not as much time as I have been, which (unfortunately) means that I am going to be changing up my blogging schedule a little bit, starting this upcoming Sunday (March 18, 2018). I will still be publishing a full review every Thursday, but from now on on Mondays I will be re-instating Mini Mondays!

You read that right – I am bringing back an old feature – MINI MONDAYS! I stopped doing this feature mid-2017 because I just wasn’t enjoying writing “Mini” Reviews anymore, and I had more time than I had had in awhile to write, so I figured I would go all full reviews. Unfortunately, for the next couple months, I am anticipating being quite swamped as I finish up my final term of Teacher’s College, and thus, in order to keep bringing you all regularly scheduled reviews, I have decided to re-instate Mini Mondays! These reviews will be 600 words or less, and will focus primary on what I enjoyed, and what I did not.


(Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young)

Beyond that, I will still be sharing monthly Reading/To Be Read Lists on the first (or as close as possible to the first), in addition to series reviews when applicable. I will also still be posting daily on my Bookstagram and on Twitter, so please feel free to follow me there to stay up to date on what I am reading and blogging about!

Finally, if there are any other features or blog posts themes you would like to see on my blog in the future, please let me know in the comments, and I will take your suggestions into consideration for my Summer Blogging Schedule!

Keep Reading, Bookworms!


(The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J Maas)


One Page at a Time Update

Hey Bookworms,

So, if I am to be totally honest with you, which I hope to be, I must tell you that in all truthfulness, I have definitely bitten off more than I can chew this summer. On top of working full-time (albeit doing something I love), I am running a reading tutoring program within my community, working on an online math course for school, and trying to have a social life (and sleep, on occasion).

This busy life I am living has meant that I currently have little time for this blog, which, while disappointing, is something that I have had to come to terms with over the past weeks.

However, I am not willing to, nor do I want to, simply abandon this blog. Blogging and Bookstagramming have reminded me of some of the things I love to do most – read and write – and I do not want to simply let go of these things that I love.

But I do have to be realistic.

As such, I will be cutting my blog posts down to one post per week – “One Page Wednesdays”. In addition, I will still be posting Monthly TBR Lists and Unboxing’s for FairyLoot, so please do keep an eye out for those as well!

And as always, please feel free to follow me on Instagram @onepageatatimebooks for daily updates about what I am reading, doing and planning on blogging about!



Until my school term concludes in exactly one week, I have made the executive decision that I am simply to busy with final papers to produce any quality book reviews.

I am, however, still regularly posting to my Bookstagram account @onepageatatimebooks. You can find a sneak peak of some of my most recent photos below!

The Bookstagram Community (which is essentially just a collective of book lovers on Instagram who share their love of books through photos) is a great way to find new books, rediscover old books and connect with like-minded book lovers – so be sure to check it out!