A Note: Returning to Blogging

Dear Bookworms,

I must be honest – when I wrote my last post on June 11th, I truly didn’t expect to find myself here, on August 10th, having gone two months without posting on here. I truly didn’t anticipate the toll, both emotional and physical, that would descend upon me once the school year ended.

Now, two months later, I find myself struggling to post again. In part, it is because I am still feeling a wee bit burnt out; but another part of it is fear, if I am being entirely honest with you all (and myself). Having been “out of the game” for so long, its intimidating the rejoin the blogging community. 

Despite this, I have made it my goal to slowly but surely work my way back into all things bookish; reading regularly, blogging and reviewing, engaging with the community on Bookstagram. Because I love this community, and I honestly do miss it.

Love Alanna



Hello Bookworms!

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, I recently shared my plans to update my blog – to give it a more modern, streamlined look. A look that reflects how far I have come since I started this blog just over three years ago.

The first step in this update was a bit of branding, which I have been hard at work on this past week (with some awesome artistic input from Flavia the Bibliophile herself!). I wanted something simple that would reflect my hopes for my blog going forward – not just what my blog is in this moment.

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One Page At A Time

Let me begin by asking you to bear with me as I explore the process that is blogging. I’ve tried it out a few times before, but I’ve never really found my “niche”, so to say.

Books, though, that’s definitely my “niche”

Ask anyone who knows me, even a little bit, and they’ll probably tell you about my overflowing shelves of books, my obsession with just about any book store I come across, and the fact that 9/10 when they show up to my house, I have my nose in a book. Reading has always been a passion for me, and I often wish I had more people to share with, and talk to, about books. Which is how this blog came to be, I suppose.

Here, I’ll share my opinion on books (mostly Young Adult books, but there will likely be plenty of Adult Fantasy mixed in as well!) I’ve read, recently or not so recently. I’ll talk plot, I’ll talk characters, I’ll talk individual books and series, maybe I’ll post a Summer Reading List of something.

Anything about books is fair game.