A Note: Returning to Blogging

Dear Bookworms,

I must be honest – when I wrote my last post on June 11th, I truly didn’t expect to find myself here, on August 10th, having gone two months without posting on here. I truly didn’t anticipate the toll, both emotional and physical, that would descend upon me once the school year ended.

Now, two months later, I find myself struggling to post again. In part, it is because I am still feeling a wee bit burnt out; but another part of it is fear, if I am being entirely honest with you all (and myself). Having been “out of the game” for so long, its intimidating the rejoin the blogging community. 

Despite this, I have made it my goal to slowly but surely work my way back into all things bookish; reading regularly, blogging and reviewing, engaging with the community on Bookstagram. Because I love this community, and I honestly do miss it.

Love Alanna